Ferrari F430 - A Supercar's Supercar

The 430 has an all aluminum chassis and was made with a partnership through Alcoa. The frame of the 430 is almost exactly identical to the Ferrari 360. The body of the 430 was slightly reworked and even made better by shifting the beams around the floor of the vehicle. The car shares from the same parts with the 360, including but not limited to the roof, doors, front windshield, and even the passenger compartment engine glass. Internally both of the cars are referred to with the same model number at-1 although the F430 has an evolution on a tag attached to show some more major changes. The MSRP for Ferrari 430 ranges from $168,000-$227,000 in the United States.

It goes without saying that the body of the 430 is curvaceous and aerodynamic. Ferrari 360s and into 40s have a near identical drag coefficient. The real difference in the cars is shown by the terrific down force generated in the 430 at high speeds. You can see a lot of Ferrari's heritage in the 430. Three are taillights are similar to that of the Enzo and the exterior events have also been added in the same fashion as well. The name of the car has been engraved into the mirror, much as the same way as the name is engraved into the Ferrari Testarossa's mirror. Ferrari's racing models of the'60s had for opening events similar to that of the modern cars such as the 430.

The Ferrari 430 shares the same 4.3 L V8 power plant as similar Maserati models. The new power plant is a big change for the 430. All of the engines of V8 Ferrari's of the past were descendents of the Dino racing program out of a'50s. All of that came to an end with the new 4.3 L engine that replaces the 12 engines that were found in a lot of earlier Ferrari models. The amazing 430 can generate 483 hp at 8500 RPM. Notwithstanding the 430 can accelerate to a top student of over'6 mph.

A very powerful car requires just as powerful breaks. The brakes behind the Ferrari 430 were redesigned with Brembo brakes. The 430 comes standard with cast alloy iron disc brakes. Carbon fiber reinforced ceramic brakes are also an option. Having a much higher heat resistance and wearing far less than regular metals ceramic brakes are an excellent option for any super sports car. The option for carbon ceramic brakes offers more than good performance. Economically speaking, they also offer a longer life span.

Modern Ferrari's are all about technology and the 430 is no different. The 430 comes outfitted with a computer-controlled slipped differential. What this computer does is regulate to work based on steering angle and lateral acceleration. Ferrari says it was the first to develop this technology. Drivers can select from five different settings on the steering wheel of the vehicle that cover everything from suspension to throttle response.

Before 30 minutes from 0 to 60 acceleration time of only 3.5 seconds. With all the wear and tear than a sports car of this nature would inflict on tires, this Ferrari comes with some damn good ones. The 430 comes equipped standard with run flat unidirectional tires by Goodyear. Standard in Euro spec Ferrari's is a feature called launch control. This feature allows Ferrari is to deliver maximum toward acceleration off the line. This feature is missing from American versions of the 430. But not to worry the 430 will still deliver sub 4 second 0 to 60 mph times.

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